Jean Michael Seri files criminal complaint for fraud against Nice over Fulham move


A criminal complaint of fraud has filed from Nice about his transfer to Fulham in July 2018.
Seri, who is currently on loan at Galatasaray, combined the Craven Cottage club combined with Maxime Le Marchand for a fee of about $25m.
The breakdown of that fee given at the time – based on Seri’s attorneys was $12m for Seri and much more than $12.6m for Le Marchand.
However, the midfielder asserts the Ligue 1 club undervalued him in order to avoid paying him a”transfer superior” incentive and states he’s owed at least $700,000, while hinting that a few of the previous clubs would also qualify for compensation due to different sell-on clauses and also a FIFA solidarity tax, which would take the figure to more than $1m.
His lawyers assert that, according to a report by the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) Football Observatory, if Fulham paid almost $25m to the two players then $18.7m could”correspond to the transport value of Mr Seri” with another $6m to Le Marchand’s.
A statement by his attorneys said:”In accordance with the information available to Mr Seri, establishing a’double transfer’ to Fulham FC OGC Nice was so able to grossly underestimate the quantity of transfer due by Fulham FC with respect to Mr Seri and correlatively – disproportionately hamper the transport amount relating to Mr Le Marchand.
“In the end, Fulham would have paid an amount of $12m for Mr Seri… and over $12.6m for Mr Le Marchand. For it’s clear that these amounts are odd.
“To exemplify the value which both of these players represent in the eyes of Fulham FC, it’s sufficient to point out that the wages granted to Mr Seri is approximately three times higher than that granted to Mr Le Marchand.”
Nice have previously denied this claim and Sky Sports News have contacted Fulham to get a response.
The team are currently owned by Ineos, the power team conduct by billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, who completed a takeover late last month.
Seri’s announcement included:”Mr Seri hopes that Ineos, which didn’t own OGC Nice in the time of the occasions, will be eager to shed full light on this issue very fast.”
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